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Clumsy Capello Trips Up Over England Captaincy Issue

England manager Fabio Capello

If you thought Fabio Capello has put his managerial mistakes behind him with the successful start to England’s European championship qualification efforts think again.

He managed to pull yet another massive blunder out from that magic hat of his ahead of England’s qualifier against Wales.

Telegraph article ‘Fabio Capello’s sorry display raises more doubts about Italian’s leadership style.html

His decision to reinstate John Terry as captain of the England team has split opinion, with many feeling sympathetic towards Rio Ferdinand and Steven Gerrard who have lost the opportunity to take up the role due to injury.  Even Frank Lampard has received his share with many seeing him as a viable leader and a deserved choice as opposed to the troublesome Terry.

Capello’s decision to hand the armband back to John Terry perhaps signifies a desire for stability, Terry is an experienced captain and from that point of view it made sense to give him the captaincy back.  It initially seemed weak from Capello, the manager without any conviction, but understandably he doesn’t want to take a risk regarding the team’s leadership on the field.

At his first media conference as reinstated captain, John Terry said that the team seemed to be behind him and no player had voiced disapproval at the decision. It’s all very well to believe that they are all unmoved by this, but spare a thought for Rio Ferdiand and the other players under Capello’s management.

Capello revealed that he had yet to speak to Rio Ferdinand following the decision to take the captaincy away from him.
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